First Day of School: How to Plan the Most Important Day?

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When is First Day of School

First Day of School marks the beginning of the academic year. It is the most important day for any child that depicts the start of a new academic your journey. There are always a lot of expectations from the First Day of School as you want to ensure that everything is planned according to your expectations and planning. Both children and parents have butterflies in their stomach on first day of school and they want to ensure that everything goes systematically. Get the best activities and apply on your children’s for 1st day of school. On this day maybe you are  a little sad that summer is over.When is first day of school

The timing of the first day of school varies depending on the geographical factors. It also varies due to cultural and government laws. blog will introduce you everything about first day of school.

A common pattern is followed in Europe and North America. On the other hand, in the southern hemisphere, the first day of school starts in mid-Jan to early Feb. In Canada and US, it starts after Labor Day.

School terms for the Northern Hemisphere


Northern hemisphere comprises of countries from the Asian Continent and North America. First day of school is also the beginning of the first class that you are going to attend in the new academic year. The school year runs from September to July.

In the northern hemisphere, the school year is divided into three terms or two semesters. Generally the school term starts from December to Feb in winters, from March to May for spring, from June to August during summers and from September to November during autumn season. Term1 for the northern hemisphere is the autumn or Christmas that means it begins from September and ends in December. Some people experience high-quality education on a beautiful campus in Lappeenranta in the winter. You can know the details of that by our first day of winter and Winter Solstice posts. Which will gives you detail about winter beauty.

School first day

For the second term is the spring or lent term which starts in Jan and ends in March or April (this term is also known as Easter term) and the third one is the Summer term which begins in April and ends in July.

This means that the summer holidays are generally during July and August. Autumn term is also a half term in some of the schools such as boarding schools. This term is now around two weeks long, while in the normal school it is around one week.

The other half terms in the schools vary between four and seven days. For the boarding schools, this break is for a little longer duration. In many schools, half term is not a universally accepted date and it varies from school to school or country to country.

Therefore, if you are going for a different school or in some other country, you may see the half term varies from one week to three weeks as well.


Academic terms for the Southern Hemisphere


On the contrary, the term dates in the southern hemisphere are completely different as compared to the northern hemisphere. Southern hemisphere comprises of countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The school can vary from January to December varying few days here and there. In the winter, it is generally between June and August, spring season is between September to November, summer between December to February and autumn is between March and May.

For the schools, they are basically split into two terms and two semesters. Semester one comprises of two terms: term one starts from end Jan to end of March while the second term begins from April to early July.  For semester 2: it basically comprises of another two terms in which the third term starts from mid of July to end of September and the term Four starts in the October Mid to early December.

Generally, the summer holidays are from December to January.In summer vernal equinox also come which means more sun, less chilly days and one step closer to summer.  The state decides the half term rather than the school and therefore all the schools have to apply as per the state government recommendations. It can also coincide with the public holiday as well. The public system decides the half term to either be a public holiday or not.

first day at school

In the private system, there are boarders so it can be for four days comprising of weekend included such as Friday to Monday. These term dates vary depending on the state to state and also published online by the Education department of the state. Parents are requested to have a brief knowledge about their education system.




Looking to plan for the  first day of school, you must know at what time it starts in the year.  Due to time and seasonal differences, the first day of school varies from one region to another. It can also be due to the difference in law and cultural traditions of a particular country. The State or Central government can put an additional control over the decision of the term or holidays which every school has to schedule.

In order to pursue your future endeavors in school, you must plan and prepare. Get the all details about your school and prepare a checklist of what things to carry so that everything can go according to your planning. Follow us to to know more details about Spring Equinox, First Day of Spring, Fall Equinox , First Day of Fall, First Day Of Summer etc.!


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