Fall Equinox 2018- When is First Day of Fall Equinox?

Fall Equinox 2018

The Fall Equinox 2018 day and timings for Northern and Southern Hemisphere are shared here! Fall Equinox is also known as September Equinox or the first day of fall. Astronomically, it marks the first day of autumn season in Northern Hemisphere of the earth. Fall is the period of transition from summer to winter. It falls in September when the sunset starts happening early day by day as winter time approaches. Meet the varied traditions and beliefs that surround the start of autumnal equinox worldwide.  23rd September 2018 14:22 hours as per UTC marks the fall equinox 2018 and the beginning of the first day of fall in Northern Hemisphere. We have also updated the dates of first day of spring, first day of winter and first day of summer 2018.

The fall equinox 2018 will be the second equinox of the year after the March equinox 2018. The autumnal season is mainly a shift of weather from warm to cold one and traditionally a significant event for celebration and harvesting festivals.

Fall Equinox 2016

When is First Day of Autumn Equinox 2018?

Note below the beginning of September Equinox 2018 in different time zones:

Date:23rd September  2018 – First Day of Fall 2018

  • 14:22 hours UTC
  • 22 hours EST
  • 22 hours AST
  • 22 hours PDT | MST
  • 22 hours CDT

The fall equinox 2018 date may vary from 23rd September  in other time zones of the world. The indications and symbolization of Autumn juxtaposes the spring season. Trees lose their leaves, the flowery cheerfulness of summer disappears and beginning of dry and chill days of winter is heralded. Poets have often linked autumn with melancholic mood of nature.

Interesting Facts About Autumn Equinox: First Day of Autumn 2018

Here are some interesting facts about the Fall Equinox 2018, we would love to share with you. These facts will also explain you this geographical phenomenon in a friendly manner:

  1. Its the second equinox of the year; the first one being observed in March. While the vernal equinox is the first phenomenon of equinox in Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere observes its Autumn equinox as their first one of the year.
  2. Summer is absolutely out. The summer ends with the autumnal equinox and the precursor season of the winter begins.
  3. When the Northern hemisphere world will be observing their September equinox of Fall equinox, the Southern hemisphere countries like Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa and South American will be celebrating beauty of their Spring Equinox 2018.
  4. Fall Equinox Dates – The precise dates of fall equinox may vary from year to year and with different time zones of the world. However we have shared the UTC time of the first day of autumn here to enable you to calculate your local time accordingly.
  5. What exactly will happen on the day of fall equinox 2018? Well, in year 2018, the Sun will cross the celestial equator from North to South on 22nd of September at 14:22 hours UTC. Celestial equator is the imaginary line corresponding the Earth’s equator and hence the Sun’s longitude is either 0 degree of 180 degree on the day of equinox.
  6. From the happening of September equinox, the days will start getting shorter day by day till the winter solstice 2018 will occur around 22nd December 2018.
  7. It is said that the day of fall equinox is the day when earth enjoys equal hours of day and equal hours of night, which is not precise. It may vary around the day of the equinox.
  8. The term Equinox is derived from the two Latin language words meaning equal and night. This again signifies that there will be equal day and night.
  9. The time lag between the two moonrises also becomes shorter. The first nearest full moon to September equinox. For few days around the Harvest Moon, the duration between the two moon rises is decreased by 30-40 minutes in the northern hemisphere and the same is increased in the southern. Harvest Moon will occur on 16th September 2018 at 19.05 hours UTC.
  10. The geo magnetic activities get doubled during the equinoxes and hence its time for northern lights to present a colourful visual on the earth. Northernmost countries like Norway and Greenland observe the natural show of aurora.

The Fall Equinox 2018 also brings celebrations worldwide in different forms like Halloween Day, All Saints Day, Sukkot Day (Jewish) and Thanksgiving Day in US and Canada. Host of other regional festivals and celebrations are marked on the day of Autumn Equinox. Meet the other wonderful facts and figures on first day of spring 2018, first day of winter 2015, first day of summer 2018. We have updated information on all the equinoxes and solstices occurring during the year along with their astronomical, cultural, agricultural and religious significance. Also know the several celebrations that are interestingly linked with each of the equinox and solstice.

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