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First Day of Spring 2016

When is First Day of Spring 2016?

The first day of spring 2016 will begin on 20th of March 2016, Sunday at 4.31 hours according to UTC timings. We have shared in this post timings and date according to various time zones when the spring equinox 2016 will happen. While this day will be the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, it will mark the first day of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere of the earth. The spring will be lasting for 92 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes this here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also called the spring equinox or March equinox or vernal equinox 2016. According to the astronomical terms, the first day of spring 2016 falls on 19th of March. Spring is the transitional season between winter and summer and an epitome of rejuvenation, renewal and reproduction. Read on further for some well known facts and figures on Spring equinox.

The spring season is largely associated with the local climate, rituals and celebrations. Astronomically, the axis of our planet increases its bend towards the Sun and hence the daylight duration rapidly grows in whatever hemisphere the spring equinox is happening. The shift in the seasons changes from cold to warmer and hence naturally causes re-growth of flora & fauna and decline of snow and frosts. The spring equinox also sometimes lead to unstable climate due to floods caused by melting snows from mountains, warm rains and occasional chilled winds from polar sides of earth.

March Equinox 2016 – Northern Hemisphere

Here are the dates and timings of the beginning of the spring equinox or the first day of spring 2016 wordlwide:

first day of spring 2016

Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox / March Equinox Timings & Date

(USA, Central America, Canada, Europe, Northern Africa and Asia)

  • UTC: 20th March 2016, Sunday at 4.31 AM
  • EST : 19th March 2016, Saturday at 11.30 PM
  • CDT: 19th March 2016, Saturday at 11.31 PM
  • MDT: 19th March 2016, Saturday at 10.31 PM
  • PDT: 19th March 2016, Saturday at 09.31 PM

The above time will mark 12.30 PM as per Australian Western Standard Time and will be starting of the Autumn equinox in Australia as its in the Southern Hemisphere. First day of will keep providing different dates and times of different season.

Spring Equinox Celebrations & Traditions

Spring equinox brings variety of celebrations across the world. Right in from pagan culture to the Christianity; from harvesters to modern fashion world, every religion and community celebrates seasonal festivities of their own during this equinox. While Christians around the world observe the reincarnation of Lord Jesus, spring also bring other cultural and religious festivals in all parts of the world like in Ireland with St. Patrick’s Day, in Iran with Nu Roz festival and for Jewish, the Passover feast comes as their biggest day during spring equinox. More or less, all celebrations in the world during spring equinox are linked to the idea of re-birth, re-growth, rising of new or reincarnation. Last year, the first day of winter was around on 22nd of December. We shall soon publishing article providing information on first day of winter 2016.

Equinox is an astronomical phenomenon which occurs twice in a year; i.e in the months of March and September as the sun crosses the equator. The former being the spring equinox and the later one is autumn for Northern Hemisphere and vice versa for Southern Hemisphere. The dates keep on varying around 21st March and 23rd September. The first day of spring 2016 this year worldwide (Northern Hemisphere) will be between 19th to 20thMarch according to different time zones as explained above in this post. Spring equinox or the first day of spring 2016 will also be a great event for the fashion world with cool fashion accessories along with latest spring collections. Likewise March equinox, lots of interesting celebrations and rituals are buzzing around the first day of winter, first day of summer and first day of autumn too.