first day of summer 2016

First Day of Summer 2016: When is First Day of Summer?

First Day Of Summer 2016

Get all information on first days of seasons, solstice and equinoxes. The first day of summer 2016 marks the commencement of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. The timings of the summer solstice are the timings when the sun reaches its northern-most point at equator. In 2016, the summer will begin on 20st of June 2016 as per UTC time. We have given below the exact timings of the beginning of first day of summer 2016 as per different time zones. Summer Solstice is also the time for great fun activities like going outdoors, fishing and surfing.

We have also shared the full moon dates of summer season and other celebrations and special days that make the pleasant summer a festive one. The first day of the seasons are taken as very auspicious and considered to bring good luck. Fruitful tasks like harvesting, many religious rituals and ceremonies as well significant personal and social events are preferred to be done on the first day of the seasons for bringing success and fortune.

first day of summer

1st Day of Summer 2016

Find below the exact date and timings of the first day of summer 2016 in different regions of the world. Since we have given you the UTC timings, you can calculate the exact beginning of the summer solstice in your region.

  • 21st June 2016, Tuesday at 4.05 IST
  • 20th June 2016, Monday at 22.35 UTC
  • 20th June 2016, Monday at 18.35 EDT

While traditionally and astronomically, the June solstice is known as the first day of summer; actually it is the mid of the summer season in meteorological terms. Like the first days of other season, the June Solstice too is a great time for celebration in many regions of the world.


First day of fall 2016

First day of winter

First day of spring

What Is Summer Solstice

The word solstice is derived from the Latin term solstitium which is the combination of two words sun and stitium, literally meaning sun and to stop respectively. The sun appears to stop at the time of beginning of summer solstice. The first day of summer 2016 will be the day of the year receiving sunlight for the maximum hours or the longest day of the year. During summer solstice the sun is northernmost or high in the sky, while during winter solstice, it is at its southernmost point at its equator and low in the sky. You can refer to our post on winter solstice for more details on it.

June Solstice

As the first day of summer falls in June, it is also known as June solstice. Two equinoxes and two solstices appear in the year i.e spring equinox, fall equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice. Over the ages, June solstice has inspired numerous festivals, traditions and mid-summer celebrations. As in Sweden the day of Summer Solstice is celebrated by eating the first strawberry fruits of the season. In ancient Egyptian culture, the summer solstice marked the New Year which coincided with the rising of the star called Sirius and the time when the Nile River gets floods every year.

first day of summer 2016

First Day Of Summer 2016 Canada

The first day of summer 2016 will begin on 20th June 2016, Monday at 17.35 according to Toronto time. Summer is the warmest weather of all the seasons and hence loved especially in the cooler regions when it’s time to enjoy the pleasant warm weather. Schools generally observe summer break to enjoy the season. The summer days run through June to August months. While the temperatures rise to 30 deg. c. Or more, some regions also face thunderstorms and humid air.

 Summer Solstice Australia

Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere as New Zealand and South Africa, the first day of summer 2016 in Northern hemisphere will be the first day of winter 2016. While the Northern Hemisphere will be observing summer solstice, Australia will be having winter in June month. The summer solstice for Australia is in December month and the Summer Solstice 2016 falls on the same day of December solstice in Northern sphere which is 21st December 2016. Similarly, the vernal equinox of Australia happens when the Northern world is observing the fall equinox i.e in September.

You can browse our site for the all the dates, timings and interesting info on celebrations of first day of all seasons. First day of summer 2016 as well first day of winter, fall and spring are posted here with times and dates. If you are planning to have a first day of season celebration, visit our site to check the dates and time of beginning. The equinoxes and solstices are astronomical events, but carry great cultural and religious significance worldwide. You will also meet various religious and cultural celebrations and festivals observed during different seasons and on the first day of seasons.

First Day of Fall 2016 – When is Fall 2016?

First Day of Fall 2016

Get the date and time of the beginning of fall equinox and first day of fall 2016. The start of the fall season is observed in September in Northern Hemisphere. As the summer gets close towards month of August, many of you will be searching to know when the first day of autumn in year 2016 is. Hence it is also known as fall equinox 2016 in many regions. The day is also known as the most symmetrical day when the day and nights are of equal time length. You might already been aware of first day of spring and first day of winter, this post is bringing you everything you would like to know about the first day of fall in 2016. It is a holiday season for many and fall also marks of new terms and holidays in some regions.

First Day of Fall

The first day of fall in Southern Hemisphere is in March when the Northern world is observing the Vernal Equinox. Besides the timings and date of first day of fall, we have shared here some interest traditions and festivals that are linked to the start of fall season. The beginning of seasons is significant for schools too, as they begin their fresh semesters or have their breaks. The first day of autumn is associated largely with the transition of season from warmer days to cooler ones.

When Is First Day of Fall 2016?

Find below the beginning of September Equinox 2016 in different time zones in Northern Hemisphere:

Date: 22nd September 2016 – First Day of Fall 2016

  • 14:22 hours UTC
  • 22 hours EST
  • 22 hours AST
  • 22 hours PDT | MST
  • 22 hours CDT

The fall season brings some interesting traditional and modern day celebrations along like All Saints Day, Halloweens Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Jewish Sukkot Day and Hagan festival in Japan.

What Is an Equinox?

First Day of Fall 2016

As the first day of fall begins when the fall equinox occurs; let’s know what an equinox is. The time and the date when the sun crosses its celestial equator is known as equinox. The astronomical phenomena occur twice in a year when the days and nights become of equal length. The first equinox of the year is the spring equinox in March which is also known as spring equinox in Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere observes autumnal equinox in March. Moreover, the equinoxes are also the times when both the hemispheres of our planet are equally illuminated. You can also refer to winter solstice and summer solstice at our site which is also linked to the beginning of seasons of summer and winter.

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Vernal equinox 2016

September Equinox

The beginning of fall season is also known as September Equinox as it falls in the month of September every year in the larger part of the world. Besides being an astronomical event, equinoxes are associated with traditional harvesting festivals too which make them significant and moment of celebration for different cultures of world. Albeit the time of September equinox is best time for enjoying festivals and fun activities as the season will be soon turning to harsh cold weather.

We have shared here the first days of all the season with winter, first day of spring, summer and first day of fall 2016. Then check the first day of autumnal equinox 2016 in Southern Hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), you can refer to our post on first day of spring 2016. Hope our posts are offering you multi-facets views and gen on the first days of seasons or equinoxes and solstices which are significant celestial events closely related to different traditions and cultures of world. More often, the first days of seasons are also considered as very auspicious and hence chosen to start new tasks, ventures, special days and ceremonies.